Deviant Wave – not all waves of the sea soothe you!

Each time that I strive for answers, the changing colors of the sea tell me that I am not alone in my dubiety! That I too like the sea, am a creation of leisure that has always been interpreted in haste!

“Head” iness…

This was the first WP header …. an accumulation of my favourite things. From yogurt ice creams to wine and then touching upon the philosophical side too through slipping sand. Revisiting Peterpan through fairy tales and paper fans and then suddenly being transported into the beer frenzy mode. From clouds to the sea – all that makes up ME!


The most fascinating thing about being a Bengali – indulging in the Autumn madness of Durga Puja. After discovering northern and eastern India for the last 2 decades of my conscious life, it was Mumbai in 2010. From the mad filmy fan fare, to the famous 150 yr old Barowari Puja – each one fascinated me. What alarmed me more was the confluence amidst the difference in the communities and taught me that no matter what chants the heads bow and the hands fold together to wish the same thing! What difference does skin color, dialect and traditions make then?

Bal Ganga – The first Mumbai Mad Caps journey with the ‘Partner in Madness”. An attempt to show the zealous love for the city, and also to discover places which will tie me to this land and make me appreciate how much the soil offers without expecting back!

Bordi and Dhananu – a bachelorette party get away and another Mumbai Mad Caps trail. My first trip around Mumbai to discover my soul which I dropped in the sweet water a few years back and hopefully now the salty ones will help me find it back!

 Ma’s favorite corner of the house – her Ganesha collection. From Lladro to the ones picked up at the Kerela fair – there’s a story behind each one of them. And of course needless to say he sits there to ensure that all remains well🙂 !

I love sunsets … no am not pessimistic by nature, infact the opposite. Each sunset speaks to me to say that it is inevitable that darkness takes over life during certain phases .. but then its best to enjoy the dark night with or without stars .. ponder and just silently wait .. for dawn is to arrive – no one can beckon the laws of nature after all!😀

It snowed for the first time in Zurich this year on November 25th – it was as if the heaven’s opened up to welcome our Charulata home. She brought snow, yet this seemed the warmest winter in ages – her smile makes our heart melt and her eyes make me believe that she’s truly my little poetry-in-action!

The Christmas Special header of 2010 – yet another glimpse of the Peterpan me. I still believe in Santa, elves and scan under my pillow each year on Christmas morning. Hoping that Santa for once will forget to read my birth certificate!😛

Yet another “deviant” picture of mine – but one of the new year’s celebrations (2006) I hold really close. A night at Pushkar – amidst those doped Sadhu’s, a Pink Floyd cafe, a druken drive across 3 hills to reach a haunted Kaali mandir and an alteration on the road with a puppy – whose state of mind I sought to know when people address him as ‘kutte ka pilla’ – aah well still does rounds at the Alumni Meet😛. But then again this pic is special for another reason – my first self earned cigar and round of drinks on New Year – courtsey my United Nations stripend. The first feel of ‘earned’ drunkardness – nothing brings back the same ecstasy!!!😛


The first header of 2011 … it’s a glimpse of how I want the year to be – all about me! To face life for once in the boxing ring and win all rounds! Aaah well almost all, I don’t want to miss out on the learnings that failure bestows too!🙂

My favourite Mumbai stretch – not because I get to see the interplay of light and darkness at its best here. But somewhere as the Haji Ali mosque and the Mahalaxmi temple stare at each other – I am filled with the pride of belonging to this diverse culture. The little boats bobbling on the sea, reflect a part of me and the turmoil I seek to overcome. The glimpses of light and the noise of the passing cars teach me that no matter what darkness is always invaded and life does move on.

As I wait for the dark clouds in my life to pass away, I resort to one of my favorite pictures. It makes little sense to Ma when she sees it, but then again I find comfort in the strangest of all things. I’m still the one who can sky gaze trying to make sense of each white cloud shape and spinning a story lying back on the spikey grass. That is exactly what I am doing here at Zug in this picture. Trying to narrate myself a fairy tale in my mind, a modern day one where ‘they don’t live happily ever after’ but just live after moving on. Happiness doesn’t really matter after a point of time, all that matters is acceptance about the life you are leading. The clouds though can take you often for a visit to the magical world where elephants come with wings!

Only this seemed perfect as Project-Childhood failed and the “abrupt adulthood” is too harsh a reality for me to come to terms with!

 One of the first sunsets that made me realise what stepping out of comfort zone really meant and yet again settled me to the feeling of self love. It made me realise the power of salty waters natural and humane both. And lastly made me bow down again to Baba for bestowing on me the most befitting name. No other sense of impersonification would have suited me better!🙂

Strangely I have never grown up by the sea. Though near home always, the river has always been closer than the water body that I stand to personify. Hoogly, Ganga, Subarnarekha and their banks have seen me spent many a golden sunsets and sunrises – yet I hold the sea close. Is that why Kolkata could never feel like home to me? Don’t think so, for I stick to  just the opposite reasons. Had it not been for that stretch of water body, that city could have never held me near for even those few years, when it had my soul. I avoid the city with a vengeance, that I strangely give up whenever I visit the shores of the Ganges. It’s then that bliss speaks to me, through the summery winds, the nightly owl screams and a faint song of a ‘majhi’ remembering his loved one. This one is for you Kolkata – I think behind the strongest of all hatreds lies the deepest love! (By the Ganges – January 2010)

4 comments on ““Head” iness…

  1. Swaram
    December 6, 2010

    I want the story behind all the Ganeshas🙂🙂

    • deviantwave
      December 6, 2010

      Ohhhh humongous task😯

      • Swaram
        January 20, 2011

        A post a day😉

        • deviantwave
          January 20, 2011

          N then u guys attack me with brooms huh?😈

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