Deviant Wave – not all waves of the sea soothe you!

Each time that I strive for answers, the changing colors of the sea tell me that I am not alone in my dubiety! That I too like the sea, am a creation of leisure that has always been interpreted in haste!


Tangy Tuesday

Insensitive them or Extra-sensitive moi?

In law school one of the very first principles that we encountered as 1st year students was the "egg skull/ shell" theory - which to state in simple terms lays down that you cannot blame a person for being negligent... Continue Reading →

Aaj phir jeene ki “Tamanna” hai …

Edited to Add: This post has been selected as the Blogadda's Tangy Tuesday pick for November 2, 2010. It humbles me and makes me stand touched that Tamanna has been so warmly received by all of you. I am not... Continue Reading →

Blog for International Women’s Day!

Gender Across Borders is hosting a new event this year called "Blog for International Women's Day " commemorating United Nation’s this year’s theme- “Equal rights, equal opportunity: Progress for all!" It’s a nice idea I feel to just pen down... Continue Reading →

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