Deviant Wave – not all waves of the sea soothe you!

Each time that I strive for answers, the changing colors of the sea tell me that I am not alone in my dubiety! That I too like the sea, am a creation of leisure that has always been interpreted in haste!



Leaving Behind Better Kids For This Planet ….

I am actually writing this post in haste. No, wait! I am actually writing this post in rage, in frustration and in complete anticipation of the back lash that "Who am I to comment on parents, when I haven't raised... Continue Reading →

Letters to My Daughter – Part V

Dearest Bummy, Yes, I know I had this conversation with you last night in my head, like the numerous other ones, but I have this urge to pen this down. I don't know how much of an example of a... Continue Reading →

Doing my bit to spread awareness about Violence About Women (VAW)

Gender studies is something which I hold very close to my soul - over the last eight years it has somewhere intrinsically made itself a part of my identity of who I stand for. When I look back I see... Continue Reading →

Safely tucked away …

Just when I thought the ‘story’ was over, the book tumbled out of my hands. An old pressed flower intact – as if the life I sought to deny was still there in it’s wilted form. I picked it up... Continue Reading →

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