Perhaps the biggest folly of mankind is not knowing where to stop.

Look around us, majority of the things go wrong, seem to be screaming, “if only, we had stopped (then)” – alas but when have we known to do that? We all ride a wave of high, till we have been beaten and ground and even then we appear to surge in the glory that once was. Reality eludes us then and the downfall we deny till our last breath. The golden era lives on somewhere in our head and we are stuck in a time wrap that no rational mind can explain.

If you really ask me, everything in history has played out this way till names have been omitted and even then lineages have found solace in the heritage that they have neither contributed to or being a part of but have embraced it just for the benefits / left over lime light that it brings.

Writing too is like that – one must know when to stop. Alas, but today with the advent of self publishing everyone can be an “acclaimed writer”. While the concept should be applauded for the sense of empowerment and opportunities it seeks to bring, one cannot help but grimace at the depleting quality of literature. There are schools at debate, the old fashioned sect (moi, included) who feel holding the pen is an action that comes with the immense responsibility of empowerment and doing greater good, there is the growing popular sect who find nothing wrong in using colloquial language as entertainment and books to be mere props.

I was brought up by my GM but, who very clearly had laid down the rules of the this game – that you do not pick up the pen unless you have words to contribute, to shape and to reason. I choose to stick to that.

The feeling that my words are not contributing is not a good one. That is the sole reason why popular fiction never attracted me and that is why I have kept away from journaling. Rant is no longer for me, the head space is enough for that. Maybe I am growing old, maybe I have lost the zest to let my hair down and just be fun – maybe all that is true but there is a parallel maybe amidst all this that gives me solace – maybe I am finally turning into my GM when it comes to valuing words.

That would be quite an achievement in my world — as of now, I am not sure what purpose this blog is serving??!!???