I have walked on this beach before, I have heard the waves roar.

I know the pebbles by their name, my “song of the sea” can still put a conch to shame.

The treasures still call out to me, as they lie tucked deep within the sea.

Yet, I find the sand between my toes, telling me something is different.

It has been 4 years since I have walked barefoot on this terrain

It has been almost half a decade, since I have stopped spinning the word yarn.

Newer stories have filled the barn, yet the sea looks as barren as before.

I wonder if ever I will truly be able to chat up on all that’s changed?

Identities have merged, equations have altered, I have won and I have faltered.

Yet amidst all this, I tucked away this space somewhere,

Almost telling myself no matter when I shall be back soon here.

Many a fall changed colors and as calendars turned old,

You are only growing distant from the beach – I was told.

I heard them all and imagined the beach, I somehow always knew it would never be too far away for my reach.

So here I am, almost like the prodigal daughter returning to the shore,

And my beach (my blog), whispered – I still love you and more.

I realise then — This is where I am me and there’s no other feeling I would want on my skin to be…



Blessings are made of such feelings… Sand between my feet suddenly feels the home terrain..