I owe no allegiance to Ram, because the blues Sita sang still ring in my ears,
I have no qualms in questioning his victory. No excuses, no fears!
They say Ram knew Sita would emerge the winner, thus asked her to walk on fire,
I wonder how different is it, from the argument that was given for Satis, to sit on the pyre?
The image of “maryada purshottam”, seems to be upheld because we never question a God?
Who built this view but, in the first place, who has forced us to follow this shod?
They say, he was the good that won over the evil, he played it all fair,
Then why isn’t the theory of Valmiki Ramayan, where he spoils the yagna of Ravana, ever brought under glare?
He was scared of people, he was scared of hearsay, he was scared of losing and yet you call him “above it all”?
I wonder where did he earn a pedestal, that now I shall make him fall?
The only solace is perhaps that, even Gods come with shades of grey,
That the masculinity they swear by, is nothing but a facade to keep the real insecurities at bay.
The question however is, if his wrongs were so acceptable, why wasn’t Ravan spared the plight?
Why do we not then sing about his vast knowledge and remember him only for his evil fight?
Mandodari never got her due I feel, for she was too progressive for her age.
She loved him, guarded him, yet warned him of evil thoughts and never was scared of his rage.
She was feisty, was tricked and abused at the instructions of Ram, remarried when faced with the option of suicide and yet was never highlighted and acclaimed,
Why I wonder, maybe because she wasn’t the pity female figure who could be framed?
History when one sided, is a strange comfort for religion and fanatics,
We forget however that both Jesus and Judas and determined by our own innate antics!

Who is to be burned? Who is to be hailed? Why is the celebration of Shakti ended with the hailing of the man who never believed in his wife? Why isn’t the woman who refused to give into her husband’s evil plans ever recognised? Why should I not look up to Ravan for his knowledge, when in school we are taught to accept people with shades of grey? Why should I pray for a husband like Ram, when I want a man with a spine?