I choose not to talk about the darker shade of my life on this blog. Mainly because later when I re-visit the posts my own rant bugs me. However, today I have come to realize the power of speaking out loud and the power of telling people. It soothes you, it helps you bond better with them…

After battling for 12 years, I came out of the closet about the incurable disease that surrounds me. I chose to be one of the two who have taken it up on themselves in India, to spread awareness and to ensure that no one goes through what I did.

Mumbai, yesterday as I addressed the gathering of Mumbai Orthopedics, neurologists and neuro surgeons and spoke to them about Fibromyalgia, about my dream of setting up India’s first chronic pain registered support group – The Purple Pact – I was amazed at the appreciation and the warmth that follow. Mumbai, thank you for this opportunity – thank you for making me believe in my power of dreams and not giving into darkness.

The best part was that I gave the entire lecture in Hindi and I was amazed myself that I found the “shudh Hindi” speaking school girl still alive in me. I take pride in my mastery over the language and yesterday it made me love myself a bit more.

Confused about what I am speaking about – well I am talking about the condition that surrounds me, Fibromyalgia and Times of India has published my survivor story here.

Yesterday, I addressed the esteemed gathering about pain- management – the same topic which I have also written about in my Guest Post for a  very dear friend.

Somewhere, it was you Corinne who prodded me to talk about my journey and my lessons. I was skeptical at first, but then once I picked up the pen I couldn’t thank you enough. Mumbai, thank you once again for the amazing set of friends you have introduced me to, who just when I think about giving into the greys make me see the silver lining and move on “chin up, shoulders straight and smile intact!”

Link to the Guest Post on Corinne’s Blog EverydayGyaan – http://everydaygyaan.com/2012/10/my-soul-chose-my-body/#comment-8999

Do hop over and read it! 🙂