My hands are still shaking with the laughter my belly is churning out, that I am trying hard to suppress at work.

Dr. Titus replies to my mail: (Click on the link here for a brief history about the episode)

Dear Sagarika,

May be you can explain why there is a long pause in comments after the one from Dr Sajeesh ( Posted at 09/14/2012 13:15).

My Reply:

Ha ha ha .. you mean this comment:

finally tired of reading all these lionesses mauling around poor dr titus for compiling and presenting these relevant but less known facts of anatomical features and scientific aspects about females in a fine satirical way.! any one can search the net and find out whether he is true or not the least ‘ when you turn around to have a second look at a girl next sure to be amazed to find that a minimum 6/10 of these traits will be seen on her …unfortunately this article is strictly not meant for voracious potbellied girls of india or anywhere..kudos to dr titus for such an informative article which will actually help many girls to correct their minor imperfections and move towards a better life..”don’t break the mirror if your image is bad”. ; as the famous malayali writer vaikam muhammed basheer says…”mangalam”to all cute,slim,fatty,ugly girls of the universe””” 
Are you sure this is not you? And there is no pause darling, people have just given up and accepted your badnaam huye toh kya naam na hua attitude. And really your article will help girls improve their imperfections? Wow! you really think brides should be chosen like that – and you call yourself educated? Am glad I don’t have a lineage with your family. Men like you actually make me stand tall and wish for a son more than a daughter – so that tomorrow I can bring him up to respect women for all that they stand for? Omega 3 in their thighs for kids sake – darling it takes two to tango! Surely if your kids have taken on you, you must have tried best to manipulate your wife’s reports to hide the shame! Seriously it is because of men like you probably Indians and Red Indians are still confused and we are referred to the land of snake charmers!
A lot of people actually told me that it was sarcasm – I was however confident that it is the sheer narrow mindedness of a man, to whom women are nothing but baby producing and lust fulfilling machines. Of course if she is not able to satisfy on bed, it is not your fault it is because her left breast weighs two gms less than her right one! Also, what is the basis of this research – internet? Going by that logic I read on the internet that the length of the man’s thumb determines his penis size, would you care to shed some light on that, esp for Indian men who do not come with Greek features. Also, internet tells me that men with small penis’s cannot satisfy their women – so you mean majority Indian bride to be(s) should beware?
 I still cannot believe exist, are you seriously not pre dated? Men like you should have an “expired long ago” tag? What will you do tomorrow if you find that your daughter’s nose and lips are not aligned? – ask her to go for botox or tell all prospective grooms that they should not marry her because she is doomed? No matter what her qualities are? And for your son, I believe you would go ahead and inspect his wife to be!!!
There’s only one line I agree here – that women should be intelligent – for if the women of your family weren’t intelligent enough they would have long ago died of depression and shame. I think they are intelligent enough to actually ignore you and your senile gimmicks and move on with life, leaving you to fend for yourself and your pea sized brain and logic in these cheap columns!
Wow! I have pity on you Dr. – also to break your bubble I think a poor illiterate farmer who educates his daughter so that she can have a better life, instead of worrying about the symmetry of her breasts – is more educated than you. You know do take a print out of your doctorate degree and hang it over your door, so that people know that you are literate at least. For I won’t be surprised if someone tomorrow questions the university that gave you the degree.
Rest well Doctor, it is not good for your pea sized brain and the logic in there!
Is this man for real?