There’s a debate. There’s a very heated conversation.  There is yet another uproar.

Ma, before you flip, Mistah – before you freak out, let me assure you that for a change I am not a part of it.

Yes Baba, you can gulp down the water without looking as if a chimpanzee spoke back to you in the German you are learning to comprehend.

I remember when I started blogging and the entire concept of contests was new, it was the pump of a newly discovered drug – the adrenalin high it gave was both cathartic and safe. Only if such a drug existed. Soon however we got into the groove, soon however FB took over and I lost my blog to the madness. However, my love for blogging is something I still hold close despite not being as frequent as I was before B school happened.

I came back this year to find “requests” of liking posts instead of giving a thought whether I really liked them. I came back to discover that the blog world was slowly discovering what me as a lawyer has coped with for long – the lax laws on cyber security and the very concept of “my content, being my own”.

To me my work is my baby and hell I am protective about it. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, however have we sold morality so shamelessly that unless there’s an iron rod in hand we will not be cautious of this implied rights? Blatantly terming something as “inspired post” is like being a kin of Anu Mallik. I don’t recall a single of his creations to not have a tune which I have hummed as a kid when Bollywood music was not allowed in home – the English originals I mean.

Worst is the plight of all those who suffer and have to actually give a detailed explanation about why they are crying “alert’. Good friends who come to rescue are targeted. Yes, how can I forget ‘comment moderation’ – it is nothing but like the layer of make up on an abused wife who smiles to make you believe that all is well in her fairy land. The option of ‘edit’ is like trying to squeeze in a few marks by editing answers when the teacher relies on you and hands back answer scripts without looking out for any miscreant acts!

Beneath lies the muck, beneath lies the dark truth – kidnapping a baby gives you shudders, have you ever thought it is the same for an author when it comes to her words?

Is winning so important that you fall in your own eyes, forget the power of worldly judgement?