I am a droplet of sweet water in your salty terrain,

I am the one you craved for in the rains,

I am the pair of eyes when you are lost in a crowd,

I am the bout of energy that makes you shout out aloud,

I guard the dreams in your eyes as my own,

I am the sky where in the clouds you have your wishes sown…

I am the laughter in a child, the guts of the young girl,

I am the buzz of Bollywood and the touch of the Western swirl…

I am there on a gloomy day whispering the words that you hate you hear,

I know for very well that they are all that you need to overcome your fear…

I say, Let the heartbreak come. For, no heartbreak is ever strong to break you down – I teach,

I let you embrace life, like a gush of wind, thus practising what I preach…

I am the early morning walk where you shall find the mosque greeting the temple,

I am the posh car who stops by to suddenly pick up the kids who often on busy roads fumble…

I am the auto ride where the driver makes you feel that he belongs to a different age,

I am the mind which holds lessons of dignity for all professions – now a lost page…

I show you the mirror, I teach you to dream, I help you discover the smile behind each sigh,

I say – You can check out anytime baby, but once here you can never leave for I am Mumbai

I have been dying to put this series up! Mumbai called me back in this Act II Scene II phase of life and I am elated! Mumbai Mad Caps had to be back too right? So many places I have visited in the past few weeks, so many things to write on. A chapter from an upcoming book, which fits in here perfectly, should I test waters?

All I can say is that I am glad to be back and couldn’t ask for more, for Mumbai you are the only one that can make my spirits soar!

My ‘partner in madness’ here we go again!

I am back again to your shore – I haven’t had enough of you Mumbai, I want more


Mumbai Mondays is all about seeing Mumbai and its surroundings through my eyes. It’s my take to introduce you to a city and its surroundings which I love, as I see it – alone and often with friends (we call ourselves the Mumbai Mad Caps). It’s a thread that goes live every Monday. I cover places randomly and welcome suggestions too. You can find more posts about Mumbai Mondays here.