It’s been raining constant changes in life. You wake up one moment to realize that overnight the “status” changes, that life suddenly has a lot of things to offer and just when you thought the roller coaster ride is about to be over the water-chute slide glares at you – after all you can’t check out of an amusement park without being on all the slides right? – Story #567 never to be told to my progeny! 😛

So let’s shoot some bullets, because if I post about everything I shall be shot down with snores if not rotten tomatoes!

  • The “Bachelor” tag has been lost and given up – before you go O.M.G and hurl abuses at not being told. Relax. Take a few deep breaths and DO NOT gasp (summers bring in mosquitoes!!!) – I graduated out of B-School and thus got my double Masters degree! *Yeah, ok now bring on the smartass abuses*
  • I graduated with the ISB Torchbearer Award and had a special mention by the Dean in his speech on the Co2012 – needless to say Mom, Dad and Mistah were glowing in the audience. *I sat in close proximity to the direct streaming camera and thus when the Dean mentioned my name (for the book and achievements) I gave the smile which as a kid I had saved up for the Miss Universe title – Stop giving me the prude look, all of us born in the 80s have practiced that smile once!*
  • It’s now a mammoth shift again to Gurgaon now – my new work place! Am a tad sad to leave Hyderabad and more sad at not being able to go back to Mumbai *hear hear Mumbai please!*
  • I was named as one of the ‘Young Achievers of 2012″ by Doordarshan Kolkata and thus featured in a bi-lingual interview! *which of course I missed and thus am waiting for the footage to see and show*
  • Met up with one of the closest blogger friends after a long long time and realized that one can indeed chat A LOT of a plate of paav bhaaji!!! 😛 Uma Srini is a sweetheart and she proved it once again when I left realizing that I haven’t spoken about half the things on agenda in my excitement around meeting her.
  • The Title Tailor Contest is on – Yup am all set to write a column solving relationship puzzles – *Rise all for the Cupid-reincarnated is here* 😛 😛 and thus, the website put up a contest asking suggestions for the title of the contest – it’s gained quite a few eyeballs and in case you haven’t participated yet, do it now! 🙂
  • OK, so Amazon has asked for a month more to distribute internationally. In the meanwhile Kodansha – the largest Japanese publisher signs up to distribute A Calendar Too Crowded internationally. For all those you want to be a sweet heart and read me while lounging in UK and USA do let me know and I shall tell you the way forward. Just drop in a line at
  • To end, yesterday I got one of the best reviews ever by Sudam Panigrahi. I know I have stopped doing full-fledged post on reviews, but then this one made me gasp! It has also been featured on and I leave you with my favorite lines – 
A Calendar Too crowded, is not a book but release of HER angst against the society and time, a clarion call for emancipation, a call for freedom and a vehement voice against the ills of the society. This is not a book but spots of darkness to which the society will have to shed light.

P.S: Just pray may I never run out of bullets 🙂
What keeps me going … The Ganesha that looks over and guards my stories is a gift from Uma. What a nice gesture – gifting an author the protective gaze of world’s greatest story-teller 🙂