It’s one of those things I love – coffee and conversations. Suits the hyper active chatter box like me! 😀

Guess Youth Diaries saw it through – you remember them don’t you?  – they interviewed me and it’s here! 🙂

So now they have asked me to inspire people to Share their Stories and I am sure that Hyderabad won’t let me down – thus we present Share Your Story session with Harsh Senhanshu, Anuradha Goyal, N. Niveditha and yours truly (scroll down to read the author profiles)  in association with YouthDiaries, on April 4th, 5 – 8 PM!

I guess, we all have stories, for stories make up our lives – my story of a journey as an author makes me up so completely! Having said that, do we always need to be an author to tell a story? Nope, story tellers are not always authors. My favorite ones never wrote a book – well the most favorite one did. Yes it’s a different feeling altogether then you are the daughter of a lady who published her work and then inspired you!

Again I divert, wait don’t distract me with your questions about Ma. This is about Hyderabad and the “Share you Story” session with Me and four other authors. Loads of fun awaits over coffee at “Beyond Coffee” Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.


So on April 4th, 5-8 PM, I shall be in conversation with all those who want to share their stories. You need NOT be an author to come and tell you story – we are just looking to connect with people with interesting things to say. And most of all I am looking forward to meet you and know you! So see you there Hyderabad folks! 🙂

In order to make sure that we take care of you well – request you to kindly fill up this form and share your details with us. Don’t worry, put all those raised eyebrows down, we won’t check the list to let you in, but there might be something special in store for all those who confirm with us! 😉


DATE: April 5th, 2012

VENUE: Beyond Coffee, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 

TIME: 5-8 PM


Harsh Snehanshu: Author of two bestsellers, ‘Ouch that hurts’ and ‘Oops I fell in Love’ and Co-founder of

Sagarika Chakraborty: Author of ‘A Calendar Too Crowded’ a collection of 25 short stories and poems on a woman’s life, she writes articles concerning women and children and disparities that surround them. She is a graduate from National law university, Jodhpur and currently pursuing her Masters from ISB, Hyderabad.

Anuradha Goyal: Travel writer and Innovation consultant. Her blog ‘Anuradha Goyal Travels’ has been rated as one of the 50 best blogs on travel around the world and it constantly features in the best blog lists of India.

N. Nivedita: Co-Author of ‘Ah! Poetry’; a collection of poems by ambitious poets on social network and a collection of short stories ‘Anthologies’

To update: The Meri Awaz Suno’ contest in on, and we want you to stand up and speak for what you think is close to your heart. Have you sent in your entries yet? Hurry, loads of goodies to be won! 🙂