So you remember that WritersMelon is featuring me as the “Author of the Month” for entire March right? Yes, yes they apparently like what I write – roll eyes? *roll*

Well so we have been posting about random stuff till date, love prose, silly things and then leaving the men folk aside! But, when a Melonite asked me how does it feel to be an author I was actually found smiling with no apparent answers *yes a rare moment is history when i am at a loss of words* #thingshappenwhenyouthinktheyneverwill

It indeed set me thinking, recall my journey of two years and the present trials too – of how people assume that writing is so easy and being read is easier. OD how they think cooking up books is actually akin to making Maggi and people buying it and publishing it is done in lesser than 2 minutes. Royalties making me rich did you say – let’s not even go there – Usually conversations during placement time at ISB started with – “oh but why do you need a job, you can live off those millions in royalties right?” Time and again I have survived the urge of not killing people here! Yes I have attained zen in that regard *saintly look*

Thus, I penned it down for them

So what’s it to be an author? Is it as easy as writing on paper and then having people knock your door with your book printed in hand? I share the greys that lie behind glossy covers – the journey of a first time author 🙂

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