…and the same gets beyond me. I am human when I present my views but my book gets “wrongly” tagged as a feminist book. I have cried hoarse time and again that I am not a feminist in writing or in thought and my book is all about woman and womanhood. It’s not that I have anything against feminism – I cannot afford to have when it’s a label that no matter how much I have shrugged it off, has found its way to stick to my name!

However, saying that, I stand clear on the fact that I am not a feminist. Why you ask, mainly because I don’t think standing up for issues related to women always necessarily means putting the male folk in  low and bad light. I can remove that aspect and still talk about rights – if that part gets intertwined in the process I have no problem. But I shall make no hue and cry, snickering or clicking my tongue over ..

Talks in  jest where I talk of pouts and smiles helping me get my way!

Pointing out “Rachel thank -you’s” over coffee and giggling over the same…

Putting up a fight and row on my blog, just because my man denied me the right to Pink (though it’s a different story that he shall have many more supporters than me :/)

Cuddling a teddy and loving Barbie in a little girly fashion

Desiring a male child because I might really like little baby boys just like you proudly flaunt the pink ribbons!

Listening to my man and his wishes and not feeling dominated when he takes a decision for me 

Sharing accounts or asking him before I spend on a thing

Being daddy’s little princess and still relying on him

Despite writing for World Bank and penning down books, wanting to serve my family food cooked by me for dinner

Giving up work for children and not expecting a role reversal with my partner

Wanting to live in with my in-laws and not really agreeing to the issue of “space”

Despite supporting various causes and defending rape cases in courts wearing the lawyer tag, refusing to give into male bashing at each instance 

Giving a lady the advice of trying to repair a relationship with egos being dropped, hers being first and not thinking that I am asking her to give up her self-worth

Not being able to control my tears in public – strong women don’t break down!!! 

I really want a space where I can breathe free and giggle – not one where each word is hair split and people are ready to point and pounce on how your statement is derogatory to the entire clan of women! 

I am a woman and a very proud one – I can proudly say that the amount of gender studies work I have done surpasses what my peers have indulged in (of those I know), but still I feel that standing up for womanhood is not being feminist.

I am NOT one and thank you I don’t want to be one. To all those who are, I don’t judge you, hope you don’t too, am glad that you are spreading awareness and promoting rights…

As for me am happy being a mere mortal ….