Deviant Wave – not all waves of the sea soothe you!

Each time that I strive for answers, the changing colors of the sea tell me that I am not alone in my dubiety! That I too like the sea, am a creation of leisure that has always been interpreted in haste!

Of Summer and Melons and being the “Author of the Month”

Ohhh I am so confused! Indeed I am! I am. I am. It’s spring, a lovely spring says the Mistah! I smile and nod. Wondering wish he knew the heat in Hyderabad and could listen to me screaming in my head “Bleh! What Spring it’s summer – get the beer from the chiller!” .

Oh yes for me Summer is here, but then why do am I indulging in spring mush now, you ask? Guess, it’s because it’s spring where the heart lives and summer where the mind is, and you see there’s an ardent desire for both to be appeased!😛

Summer means melons, the cool juice with loads of ice. Ma taking the pain to ensure no seeds choke the throat, while we kids run, play an gloat – an old memory afloat!🙂

But guess Writer’s Melon read my mind and announced on a lovely summer day that I am the “Author of the Month” for March and “A Calendar too Crowded” has been selected by them as the “Book of the Month” , yaaayyyy!🙂🙂

And thus, began a journey when Men are not allowed, Saturdays are made silly and then when Mistah calls indulging in love and a season rainy😉

So all month they go on to feature my writings and muse, oh do step by there and don’t refuse…

A nice little portal with my scribbles and notes, yes I am indeed counting for your votes …

Thank you Writer’s Melon, it’s a pleasure and honor to be featured by you, and needless to say you have charged me up with a passion for writing, anew!🙂❤🙂

I guess am on a heavy dosage of Rilke these days, thus the award-winning poetry (LOL!)  .. blame the Spring and Summer confusion please!😉

One comment on “Of Summer and Melons and being the “Author of the Month”

  1. Privy Trifles
    March 22, 2012

    WOW…….congratulations!!! The book deserves all this and much MORE….

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