I loved every word of her review and wished she wrote more (ya the selfish me!). Am thankful when she congratulates me –

I am excited that a book touching so many issues surrounding womanhood is in the market and congratulate Sagarika on the work. 

However, what touched me most was something I had never realised before. And wished I had met her while finalising the book –

If this book had names or was a non-fiction book, this would not have bothered me so much, but if choosing to keep the women nameless was to universalize the problems then references to Krishna, Draupadi and Shikhandi do the contrary. 

The nameless stories have bothered many, but still I stick to my point of finding voices but what she says above makes me want to go and hug her. Guess, this is the power of a true detailed reader who gives you a wonderful insight that can only make you better.

And when you say –

Sagarika Chakraborty Bravo! on this debut. Might you consider developing one of these stories and making it a novel perhaps?

I can only answer – yes I am working on it. Through fiction I am in my next book trying to touch about a very pertinent topic in a longish way. Will you review that too, for I would be more than glad! 🙂


P.S: Prathama that’s a wonderful blog up there! 🙂

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