She says she can relate my book with the work she’s doing and it warms the heart. Somewhere there’s a smile on my face as I type this for I feel she understands why though the situations mentioned in the book are not new, they are intriguing.

I love the fact that she found a part of the book a literature read (first story) and it reminded me of my Professor at ISB who wants to make a few parts of that story and another as a part of the coursepack for next year! 🙂 She says –

While reading the book, the first few stories appear a little unoriginal. While the words are hers, the style of capturing the well-known subjects like gender discrimination etc. isn’t new. The first story especially felt like the general literature on the topic. However, as you progress through the book, her stories get captivating. She has addressed a variety of important issues and seems to have covered an exhaustive list of them.

What I love most about this review, is the fact that my book to her is worthy of being a “sound initiator” which is indeed what it is to me too! The first step in delving into the causes I hold so close to my heart.

A wonderful review for which I cannot be more thankful!

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