They say that “old wine in a new bottle” is often worth a look, and she gives the book a chance, through this review for that. She feels it highlights all what the Fourth Estate is already talking about, but then again also highlights the soft nuances I have tried to highlight.

However Sagarika falls short on her promise to talk about hidden realities.(or maybe I did expect a little too much)  The Fourth estate has been throwing stories of dowry deaths, female infanticide and rape on a daily basis.  Though the stories are not like “news”, they do sound overtly familiar,with stereotypical notions

Yes indeed they are common for I wanted them to be common – I wanted to make realize through stories that the incidents which are labelled as far and few are too extreme to be ignored and the ones which are common should not be taken as “yes heard of” but should raise questions in our minds and help us to resolve to act! Let it be a one time read, but if for once a reader feels yes there’s something he/she should do, my job is done and done well! 🙂

Having said that am thankful to her for the optimism she’s seen in the book, for it is that which shall help me decide my next course when I take on the society to act for all the causes I have mentioned in the book. It’s a wonderful detailed review that makes me sit back and be the devil’s advocate towards my own baby. And guess that is what shall help me realise where to head. Thank You Menachery! 🙂

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