Yes, I approached them to review my book, because I love the way they do it! A bunch of them are like you and me, but they join hands together to encourage budding authors like me to be better and grow. Arpita Mahapatra reviewed my book and should be lauded for her wonderful efforts.

Arpita, you stole my heart with your lines where you said,

“There are very few authors who weave fiction with reality so dexterously that their book despite being patently didactic captures your attention, and keeps you hooked until the very end; and Sagarika Chakraborty is one of them. Here is a writer who boldly and explicitly challenges the preconceived notions of a biased, male-dominated society. And what’s more, she does not only question the integrity of men, but also that of the hard-core feminists who believe they are establishing their independence and individuality by going against accepted social norms, sometimes at the cost of missing out on some precious experiences of life that are so vital to the emotional, psychological and social growth of a human being.”

I cannot thank you more for noticing that I am not a feminist supporter myself nor is this book a feminist perspective. it’s all about womanhood I have screamed often and your words soothed me that somewhere readers are appreciating the same!

Recently reading a review where the reader says I am taking the path of Slumdog Millionaire  (highlighting poverty porn), Arpita assures me that it’s not the case for she understands and says –

“Despite the serious subject matter, the book never blankets you in misery. “

Though tempted, to quote more would be to steal her thunder and thus I leave it here with a BIG THANKS to Arpita and Alotofpages for their brilliant support and great work!

Kudos guys!

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