I have been off reviews for a while, but have been reading them all. A pair of tottering feet kept me off the laptop for almost a fortnight (if it were to be used, it was to be used it had to be for YOUTUBE, thus was her mandate!).

Upasana through her review made me smile at the fact that she understood what I wanted to convey and wrote about the same in simple but beautiful lines. To me I am a winner if even one of my readers find the book un-put-down-able and she makes me smile when she says …

“When i finally got the book and started reading it.I couldn’t stop.”

She remembered my feelings and guess that’s what touched me the most. The lines that resonate –

“Some of the stories in the book give an amazing insight into the lives of women in different situations.They take you by surprise and force you to ponder over the happenings.They make you empathize and you can relate to the character, wondering how did the Author manage to capture such a gamut of emotions.How did she know the emotions i feel!”

She points out that predictability is one short coming of the book, but Upasana (not in a defensive tone mind you – I remember my promise not to defend), despite being tweeted and blogged, how many of us are able to relate to what’s going on. I wanted my characters to be nameless so that you can relate and remember and not be a news where they fade away the next day!

All in all, a BIG THANK YOU for such a wonderful review and making it a must read!

Full Link: http://myblawghh.blogspot.in/2012/02/calender-too-crowded-by-sagarika.html