Dear Yesterday,

You came and went like a breeze. You forgot to even knock when you arrived and take my leave. But guess it’s ok, my disheveled state and my pensive mood seeing the ailing health of someone close at home, might have kept you away. Or you might have seen my completely immersed tottering around my bundle of joy and decided it was best to let the greetings be. You should have come and made your presence felt dear Yesterday, for I wanted to make you feel special – coz you are special to me and forever shall be. From those childhood picture which the “Good Husband” swears by that we look-alike, to those psychic timings when she comes online thinking I might need to “talk”, I would have missed out had it not been for you Yesterday. The passion we share, which no matter how hard I try to hide, her zeal makes me fall in love over and over again with the willow I have sworn never to touch again!

There’s something special they say when you can pick up from where you started forgetting the years when you just couldn’t check on each other. In my case it has been me who owing to a roller coaster ride hasn’t done justice to many a promises – has shelved a certain manuscript and hasn’t replied to messages – but she remained stoic and strong, the pillar of happiness and rock of support. An amazing way she has to soothe me whenever my hyperactive brain cells decide to go on a frenzy – her wisdom truly awes me. Thus, it was much-needed that you jolted me out of this present “shell-state” my dear Yesterday.

Miles and miles apart hasn’t made the love less, for they started that way – guess that is why distance never bothers us for I know she’ll always be the one of those who knows all my firsts and my lasts. I am sorry I didn’t see you leaving Yesterday, I wished you came knocking again today, but guess that’s not fair to ask. All i can hope is that you know how special you are for the gift you’ve borne to this world – a girl as precious as the love she bestows, a smile we treasure and a person whose aura around just spells pleasure!

Minal, you are damn special – very very crazily special! 

Love and Hugs