Quite often after I have put aside a book, thinking it’s not my cup of tea, I wonder if the author actually tried to convey something which I had missed in the pages I read. I guess I have always, as did Archana in her review. But then, I will not defend myself or my two years of research that went into this book.

The grammatical errors? Mixing of tenses? I look for my editor and surprisingly she smiles.

But then again, Archana does give me a lot of food for thought and yet again how womanhood and feminism are confused. How smoking is seen as a fault and how spoilage of tender minds are overlooked.

I am still pondering if I will ever allow my child to do this?

I have a one year old whose idea of waking me up is to hit me squarely in the eye. Does this mean that he doesn’t “care” for me?”

Or if smoking is a fault?

“At the age of twenty-six, it was all my fault that many a worthy suitor refused to marry me because of my bohemian lifestyle and because I occasionally smoked.”
Gender has nothing to do with it, but if it is not “all her fault” for smoking, whose fault is it?”

Thanks for the review Archana: http://readingaftermath.blogspot.com/2012/01/calendar-too-crowded-sagarika.html