OMG OMG OMG, her post tag has my name!!!! Yes, that was my first reaction before even reading the review. I had waited for each member of the girl gang to review it and so my excitement may be excused please!

This review I think compensates for the food parcel i am still awaiting Uma 😛

I love everything about it, especially the fact that somewhere she has read my mind in one of the stories and mailed me asking if she was right or not. How can you not be right my friend, for you held my hand during the struggle and lived every moment of it too through my rants.

I love it how she remembers how I remembered the posts which struggled to make a mark in motherhood – where they took a pledge to break the bad blood myth. Yes, Uma and Deepti, Behind those Whispers in indeed for you!

I can comment on each line, but my hands freeze when i read my favorite ones over and over again –

“Is it the calendar that is too crowded, Sagarika ??? I think it’s the mind that is crowded and that needs to open up with sensitivity and acceptance to the flaws of humanity. It’s the mindset about myths and customs that need to open up and change for the better.”

You couldn’t have read the message more clearly Uma. Thank you sooooo much! You don’t know how much this review means to me!