She’s the one, who dreads to come online for I tend to bombard her with everything – gossip, drama, rants – EVERYTHING. But then again she’s from the BFF gang whom I know no matter what, will stand by me – but yes wouldn’t bat an eyelid to express her disapproval if she doesn’t agree to my views.

Thus, with such a friend you are always wondering how they will appreciate your baby for you know they know how to keep work and relationships apart. Yes the wait to the review was a nervous one and knowing her am sure she enjoyed torturing me to the fullest! 😛

But then guess with such friends ONLY you have the opportunity to be amazed when they understand your work like no other. How much she has really gone into the book is evident in these lines:

“The book deals with the oft spoken and written about theme of womanhood (as the blurb states). I wondered why it didn’t say ‘gender bias’ or ‘inequality’, and instead used the blanket term ‘womanhood’. I had to read all the 22 stories to understand that. And I guess that’s what makes this different from other feminism based titles I have read.”

Our favorites match and I love her critical points too, but then to put down everything here would be unfair to her. So as i squish her with the warmest hugs possible, why don’t you move your lazy bum and run to read the full review?

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