It’s always an exciting thing to get a review from one of your BFFs! But then the girl gang God bestowed me is just like me and sometimes that makes me more scared than excited! 😛

As crazy as me, this lady would insist on being unbiased and is known for her structured reviews, which made me sit in a corner and bite my nails when she messaged me “done”. Aaah if you think she messaged me the review too, stop wait and re-consider the fact that this is my girl gang – there has to be drama.

So as I rotted in anticipation, she giggled like a little one, but that was only till she passed on the gloat to me as I read this –

“The book is about womanhood, agreed but it is in no way written from a feminist point of view. Often we confuse womanhood with feminism; this book clears that cloud of confusion.”

I couldn’t have had a better dreamy review! This one line sums up how much she’s grasped what I so want to convey in my humble attempts!

Thanks Scribby – sooper tight hugs! 🙂

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