He had warned me before he put up the review saying that “it would do me more god than harm”, but I insisted that he be brutally honest. I thoroughly feel that a writer grows with critical takes that rip apart the novel and with soothing voices that go on to rejoin the torn apart pages.

I don’t agree with what he says and refute a few of his views too, but somewhere much before I read his review I promised myself that I will not get into this debate. What’s the fun in justifying why the protagonist chose Shikhandi and not leave it to the imagination of the readers or refuse to lead them to wonder whether Amba too had a story untold.

But I want men to read this review and then wonder where womanhood ceases to be too feminist an issue, and whether it’s good to remain perpetually confused about the differences between the two and just tag everything as being gender biased?

Thanks Subbu for this very thought-provoking review! 🙂

Full Link: http://satyasurya.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/a-calendar-too-crowded-a-review/