She has a lot of nice things to say, in fact so many nice things, that I feel like hiding under the carpet. No I did not bribe her to say this (in a comment while pinging back her post):

“I would ensure all women around me read this book and this is one of the legacy I would want my children to read in future so that when they grow up the respect women for what they are.

I have laughed and cried both at the same time while reading this book. It’s a terrific attempt, truly enjoyed, loved and cherished for a lifetime. This book will always be very special for me.”

As for her review, I can only say that I am humbled when I see my message getting across and my favorite line (“If literacy is to sign your name, education is to realize the identity the name bestows on you.”) being adopted,   I dunno how to convey what I feel. I loved when she says this –

Every woman who reads this book will definitely connect with at least one story and exclaim in delight “Hey that sounds so much like more story.” As you flip through the pages you can actually hear their tinkling bangles and giggling voices.
All I can say lady, is that you made me choke on my own words today! THANK YOU!!! 🙂