Given a chance I would have liked to cut copy paste the entire review here .. but then that would take away the thunder from her post. Coming from a copy editor, these words mean a lot to me indeed ….

“There is nothing that you don’t already know of, nothing that you haven’t already heard of, in terms of the facts and emotions. But Chakraborty’s words sting. And they sting hard. They stir me out of my cushy lifestyle to remind me to not take my life and its set of privileges for granted.

I sense the rage, the frustration, the despair, the angst, term it what you will, in each page of the book. But some stories also end on an optimistic note. I want to reread them for that alone.”

And then she picks out my favorite line from the book to embrace the same –

“If literacy is to sign your name, education is to realize the identity the name bestows upon you.”

Can’t tell you Crimson Shadows how many times I re-read the review. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

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