Deviant Wave – not all waves of the sea soothe you!

Each time that I strive for answers, the changing colors of the sea tell me that I am not alone in my dubiety! That I too like the sea, am a creation of leisure that has always been interpreted in haste!


January 23, 2012

Blogadda Book Review 1 – Crimson Shadow reviews…

Given a chance I would have liked to cut copy paste the entire review here .. but then that would take away the thunder from her post. Coming from a copy editor, these words mean a lot to me indeed... Continue Reading →

2nd review comes in :)

Bharat Ram reviews A Calender Too Crowded and says : "A Calendar Too Crowded" exposes, forcefully, the outdated prejudices that women are subjected to by women and men. Sagarika Chakraborty insightfully portrays the diabolical events and draconian circumstances that a woman must overcome in order... Continue Reading →

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