I am not a social media person. ISB got me hooked to FB, but only to that peer pressure extent. Uploading pics, status about who, why where, rants and pokes, comments n mad trails but nothing substantial. The friends screamed at me when I wanted to promote A Calendar Too Crowded and made me create a page! Thanks a bunch guys!

But, then nothing after that. Snippets I tried to upload .. but then that’s it! Ashwin Sanghi, when in town for my book launch spoke to me at length the power of Twitter! I remember my sane one also telling me about it.

I signed up for it and then was tempted to tweet and follow a particular person – actor Vinay Pathak*. Don’t know why I felt like telling him about my book and especially the story under August – Sisters by Choice and not by Chance. I thought it would end there, with him replying back with a “Thanks”. But hell no! He ordered the book read it and till now has written back two reviews of the book!

On Sisters by Choice and not by Chance

Got my book in mail today. And the first story I read was sisters by choice. I can’t begin to tell u the emotional journey it took me onto..Needless to say very well written. The emotional quotient u arrived at was very poignant n touching. I am intrigued about the research u did for the story.

On Naked

The prose has a poetic and a poignant mystique that gives the reader a whole lot to ponder….

Needless to say am roaming about with a huge grin on my face and yes am logged into Twitter! :))

* P.S: Actor Vinay Pathak stands tall for changing the course of Hindu Law in our country. Before he won his legal battle before the Bombay High Court a Hindu could not adopt a child if he/she had a child of the same gender. He while winning the custody of his younger daughter (adopted) changed the course of law.