As I rushed towards the airport today morning a flood of emotions swept by on how it’s been two years from the very conception to execution of my first book A Calendar Too Crowded. I wanted to blog as rushed to receive Ashwin Sanghi – the chief guest of my book launch, but guess the excitement took over.

The rest of the day passed in complete haze. I have never been so nervous before and when Ashwin tried to calm me down I told him that how can I, I was in labor for heaven’s sake. My baby was unveiled by Ashwin and Dean, Ajit Rangnekar of ISB and I can’t explain the moment. It was a mix of craving for family, for Y, and yes it was over powering for the applause it received from my friends.

The book reading session followed with me reading two excerpts from my book, never thought I would choke on my own words. The session spilled over more than expected and I stood there disbelieving that it was actually happening to me. BFF who had flown down specially from Mumbai for this, said I was a lost case – wondering if the most special day of my life was actually true!

Ashwin on the book – ‘Sagarika’s writing is gut-wrenching. It reaches deep within and makes you wonder why deep-rooted gender biases persist. A Calendar Too Crowded is not for the fainthearted but is certainly a work that needs to be read, particularly by someone like me who has personally experienced the power of Shakti and the sacred feminine.’

 I couldn’t have asked for more, but he indulged me none the less!

Wish I could write this post more beautifully, but somewhere I am choking on my own words. Leaving you with a snippet I shall preserve forever!

Launch of A Calendar too Crowded (from left to right - Ajit Rangnekar, Sagarika Chakraborty, Ashwin Sanghi)