Yup … it indeed feels good to write on this space. A lot has changed since I wrote here last. I had promised myself a one year break, but couldn’t resist coming back earlier. I started another page, but then it lacked all the essence which this space captured.. the drama and the laughter and yes the crazy times with my girl friends!

How could I resist? For its big news now … A CALENDAR TOO CROWDED – my first baby is all set to take toddler steps into the big bad world of good writers and books.

This blog, I don’t want to clutter it, with my author debacles, for this was the space for my rant and this shall indeed be. But, then again this is the space where the real me lies and hence it has to bear the touch of my baby too.

Jan 11th – ISB, Hyderabad Campus welcomes A Calendar too Crowded

Jan 17th – Hyderabad Literary Festival calls me for a special launch

Jan 27th – My hometown Calcutta, welcomes me for a special launch

Yes, the calendar is packed… And for those of you who are wondering what is this all about … I ask you to hop on to the official page here and also check out the official FB page !

ALL MY BLOG FRIENDS – your beloved DQ is back! :))

Nu, Nuttie, Divya, Divz, Comfy, Uma, Deepti, B, Smitha, Pepper, Tan, Bikram, IHM, Ritu, Swaram, Shilpa, Hitchy, Pixie , Debo, Saks,  Pinoo  and the rest – I am back :)) and need you the most at this hour!


And here’s the publisher’s announcement on the global launch!!!