Scorching summers on the rise, the tumultuous heat on the spy,
But did you notice the ruffled cottony clouds in the sky?
Messengers they are, assurances that nothing stays and life does move on.
Snippets of clouds, white or grey, life’s joys and tears gone astray – Everything!

Aam ka per, nanhe phoolon ki kaliya,
Ek choti si gutthi mein jhulti huyi kacche kairiya,
Meethe phalon ke sapne, aankhon mein apne,
Ek jhoka hawa ka, sooni daliyon ki gunjahat!
Udaasi, khalipan padh saath mein door se kahin nayio khushiyon ki aahat!

When prayers, wishes nothing work, hold on to the reminiscent of the dream,
Why be brave, when solace lies in the lap of a lone-terrace scream?
Dealing with pain comes with a huge price tag, they all say,
But then why doesn’t life let us deal with it our way?

Aaj aksh se aansoon gire hai maana,
Padh khoke hai shayad aaj humne jaana,
Ki kuch pal ka saath nahin who tha zindagi bhar ki yaadein,
9 manhine sanjoye the jisne.

An angel cries, fairies rushing to save,
Why in childhood do we indulge in this rave?
Because somewhere there’s a solace in being watched and guarded,
Just like now, look above and you’ll see a fairy just nodded.
Just like there are no ends, there are no beginnings either,
Trust me life will provide yet another angelic smile, Sister!

 P.S: This is for you Sakshi and the losses that surround you and the young mother. I just hope wishes make her strong and help her overcome the toughest period of her life. Can’t wait for sun to rise again in her eyes! Hugs!