When I started blogging, I didn’t have any clue about the person who commented on my posts! NO freaking clue! Mainly because I hardly got hits, but we shall ignore that!!!! And then suddenly the world realised that ‘Drama’ was indeed missing from their lives and Lo after Vir Das I was coveted (aah well let’s keep the magnitudes apart shall we?)

And so we blogged, exchanged notes, offliners, mails, flowers, chocolates, stories about families, husbands, boy friends, pregnancies, heart breaks, M-I-L rants, laying-a-parent-to-rest crisis, teething problems, teenage mythophobias, child loss, blogger-turning-author, blogger-turning-snobbish-author, blogger-turning-best-friend and more that this space is not meant for as my blog is UG rated!!! And yes we met too, over coffee, dinner, ice creams, lunch, drinks, giggles over mid night calls and played pranks like we did with the kids we grew up with!!!

All honky dory and makes you go awwwwww right???? WRONG??? I mean, I love my blog friends and the close association, but that is exactly what has made me so post conscious! That I cannot post about the problem one of my friends is having battling a divorce and the other battling the ‘other women’ syndrome. or the rants, bitching, appauling mindsets which so often came naturally are now read and re-read as drafts a zillion times. Losing the mask and exposing your skin makes you so vulnerable that you crave for another mask I guess?(Those who can – hats off to you, but I still squirm at the thought of “what if he/she really discovers that this is about him/her”???)

Is it only me, who feels that the blogging scene has become more pressurized (to churn out readworthy posts and WW(s) ) rather than a rant place, because now THEY know who are YOU?

Don’t tell me it’s only ME!!!! 😦