There’s a price I have paid for everything in life,

Let’s not forget the joyous moments that came with a tag and not only the ones with strife!

I held on to some thinking I’ll reach the shore,

Sometimes I let go to – like sitting in a drowning boat and letting go of the oar!

And then at times I tried to swim against the flowing current,

It was like those nights when I tried to smile with a lot of emotions badly kept up pent!

Each time I lost no doubt …

Each time I promised myself this to be the last …

Each time I believed that the future beheld the best …

Each time they saw me renewed with a new zest!

Today as letting go becomes a game akin to breathing on,

I try to smile at all those moments that have long gone!

Yes, they didn’t make me smile, but indeed they helped me grow,

No denying that they happened and I am so …

But can’t deny that I’m still the little girl who refuses to live by price tags,

And who is just tired of picking up her own self, each time life tears the dream canvas up in rags!

Struggling to find my own answers amidst smiles and tears, real and fake,

Till then am off on a blog break!


(Not exactly a break – but erratic posting. Too much happening in life. For those you know, yes I am loaded with work because of the ‘new development’ and those who don’t aah well something interesting coming up from my end! But yes, though the news is nice there’s a HUGE price I’m paying for it – so struggling to come to terms with life!)

(** – translates to mean from a famous poem – Dear traveller, do stop and take a moment of rest and breathe!)