I have discovered a lot a last few months. About myself, the world around me and then again back to knowing about myself. One of the most important discoveries in this process was to realise that I don’t have what is commonly referred as “Tree Nut Allergy”. What’s so great you ask? Do you know approximately 34% of the world population suffers from allergic reactions to nuts, and half of them die because of that! And you say it’s not a relief to know that I can lick clean the peanut butter spoon each time I land at home, just ignoring my ‘love handles’ (God knows why are they called that, for they can’t EVER handle love for nuts anything! :roll:) as they groan! Stupid people! 😐

Well it’s a very important fact and I suggest that you check out your sustainability too. There’s a quick online method too (no needles 😀 ) for checking – just click here!

Do you know you are at a risk of being labelled each day, each hour by someone or the other. Yes apart from monsters, there are other creatures watching you too – especially your sanity. Have you ever wondered whether you are a Mail nut (crazy about postal), hale nut (ahem ‘healthy’ ), jail nut (addicted to living in jails!!!!), pale nut (anaemic), sale nut (the one who cannot resist a bargain), tri psycho (multifaceted nuts) or JUST PLAIN NUTS (psych illogical – commonly found here)?

Never? NEVER? Are you serious??? Paah – to prove you need to log in to www.sanityscore.com – which offers a simple online quiz designed to assess aspects of your mental health, including your risk for depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders. Wait – it might not open on your mere mortal browser – so me the noble soul shall help you (yes what would humanity do without me???). 🙄 :mrgreen: 🙄  Just click here to get instantaneous results (If you can survive the entire archive at one go – NEXT TIME SOMEONE CALLS YOU NUTS – BREAK SOME OF THEIRS!) 👿

Do you know Nuts have always baffled people – particularly the aphrodisiac ones! 😉 😉 😉 Ahem so each nut is special and hence kindly handle with care. 😳 😛

Roald Dahl once wrote:

I had a little nut-tree,

Nothing would it bear.

I searched in all its branches,

But not a nut was there.

“Oh, little tree,” I begged,

“Give me just a few.”

The little tree looked down at me

And whispered, “Nuts to you.”

Nuts – we get it easily – and so take for granted. Just the way you guys take my intelligence and profound talk to be for granted. 😡 😥 😡

But have you ever wondered that the Nut you ignore could be on the brink of being pre-historic. The legend goes that before the origin of the nut was discovered, it was widely believed that these nuts were a gift of the sea, sent from a mythical tree goddess at the bottom of the ocean. The nuts were highly sought after as decorations by the nobility in Europe. Once in their possession, they would then clean, carve and decorate them with precious jewels. When they occasionally washed up on India’s shores they were seen as the female counterpart to the Shankara stones, found on Hindu altars. Indian priests have used them as ritualistic water vessels and you can still see Hindu holy men using them today, as begging bowls. In tantra the shell is celebrated as a symbol of creation and fruitfulness. No-one really knew where they came from until the year of 1768 when the true source of the nut was discovered. (Do you know you can actually repeat this on your valentine date and appear profound!!! No! No need to thank me or kiss my feet I am genetically generous! :mrgreen: 😳 :mrgreen: )

So the wise say, that you should never ignore a Nut. In fact whenever you should find one, hold them close to your heart (lips and hip too! 😉 ;)) and make them feel special each day. And on their b’day maybe bake them a special Fruit and Nut cake and sing ‘Happy B’day Nuttie’!!!

Happy B’day my favourite Nut – I so wanted to stay there and bake an extra special cake for you. But guess this time you’ll have to forgive me and do with this post instead!

You are indeed our favourite Nut!

P.S: Before all of you rush here to wish the Nut a happy B’day – kindly do not forget to check What Kind of a Nut are you???