Ya ok fine, there were camera, there was natural light and we spoke in crisp English and hoarse voices, looking like perfectly exhausted martyrs trying to re-create the 1919 scene and make the Mahatma proud.

The only hitch was only the Mahatma and the Times Now guys knew when it was to be aired and so apparently as it was an important story it got aired while I was still Facebooking and promising Nu and DI that I shall msg them!!!!! Wow!!!!  Aaah well so much so … this is not my crib post and I am not hungry for media footage *koff koff*

Waise the question to me was – Why are you here? Judiciary is being mocked doesn’t that make you cringe?

My answer ??? – Simple – Am first a tax paying citizen (who refuses to save ANY money through deviations) and if I don’t care about it being on stake, I can’t blame anyone else. So just as who doesn’t vote cannot lecture on how corrupt politicians are, if I don’t demand accountability I can’t lecture on wastage.

You think I am self obsessed? *Smiles* If I started this with a heavy lecture on Anti Corruption by now you would have crossed me out! It’s Monday morning after all!

Anti Corruption. It’s been a long battle people and trust me though I keep all my serious free lance work out of this blog – this one I couldn’t resist. Yes I do lead parallel lives and my take on this started on Gandhi Jayanti and today on his Death Anniversary it gained momentum. Yet again jeena yahan, marna yahan iske bina jaana kahan?? – Mumbai. 😛

In  1919  Gandhiji burnt the Rowlatt Act and for the first time refused to let a dumb legislation be enacted. I was proud to the same today – no not metamorphic ally, to the fullest extent possible. It’s time we stand up and we do. It’s time we end those chai discussions and actually take to the road. If you don’t want corruption, act to take up the broom – was the crux.

Do I make any sense here – yes I do. I think. Just the way unlike a million of people my age who think such marches do not make any sense – well people we made it even to the Record Books today – this is the biggest citizen movement and the first citizen legislature to be mooted!!! That is big. And I am proud to be a part of the change which again many of you will just discuss and crib over cups of chai. Don’t. It’s our hard earned country money people, everyone deserves a fair deal right? Would you allow your child to steal from your purse? If NO WAY comes from you instantaneously – remember by keeping silent you are actually setting the wrong example. It’s the time to act now and this time with Mumbai the entire nation showed that with people like Kiran Bedi leading us.

I know this isn’t the perfect Monday post – boring and drab and trust me many of you must have already crossed the page out by now or read this in a super scroll speed – but trust me when you stand there amidst, dust grime and eat words, soak in the youth spirit- look around to see how many like you want a new India, this makes more than the perfect week start.

If this has sparked a little bit of interest in what I am talking about do visit this and also read this blog.

I protested by tearing up the proposed Bill mooted by the Government …

I took the pledge for my own clean up drive …

The only blogger I found sharing news about this was Mad Momma. I just hope that my research skills are weak.

What did you do? If you did, please share it …

And if you didn’t. NOW is the time … Take the Pledge and Act…

As they say .. Karke dekho accha lagta hai!

And yes in case you think you are too small to make a difference, remember it’s not the country’s wealth – it’s your sweat!!! 😐 My case rests and my work begins. 😛


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