I must have met you in the womb,
And I know I’ll carry a part of you to the tomb…
It amazes me the way you engulf me at each break of dawn,
You make me so vulnerable that even at my mightiest I’m the weakest fawn.

You make me flush, you make me blush,
You clog my senses without the adrenalin gush.
They say there’s a way to love you – the elite way,
When you must be a flutter never heard during the day.
But then when have they known the orgasmic pleasure of letting know of you aloud,
There’s is a sadistic joy you find – kissing me in public, as my cheeks flush and the nerves pound!

They see you with me and bless me,
The young stop to see you harassing me with glee.
You leave me in a mess, I curse you with all my might,
They say all things I should do to keep you at bay, but nothing works right!

No matter what, no matter how – I think I shall give into fate,
That I have to live with you around – surviving with a pinch of hate.
But one thing is sure you are the only one that can make the ‘butterfly me’ freeze,
And that’s why this is an Ode to you my dearest Sneeze!