I have no reasons to type this post. No trust me this is not your DQ speaking up with a pout that goes in to say that “awww all of you must be having a lazy Thursday afternoon and who’ll bother lingering out here” 😳 … this is the DW speaking in her true blue corporate sense 😎  I have been battling flu for almost 50 hours now and trust me with each passing hour, the hour of detection. 😦 I have cribbed, cried, craved for mom’s lap (that’s the worse) and even overcame my phobia and popped in medicines (I have terrible Pharmacophobia (I can’t even take a Pudin Hara without breaking out into a sweat or now can I? ) and I never thought I’ll get over it. Y had started the process – but the day I decided to snap off I resolved that this would be my first step of ‘moving on’ – tackling this phobia on my own! 😀 ), overslept, being around happy people. Basically does everything to over come this – but the crux still remains that flu does make me feel more crappy than my ex-boss! 😡

 No you can type posts when inflicted with flu. But yes you can’t read them when your eyes constantly water – so all of you from whose blogs I am missing – the truth is I never left you (Madonna style) 😥  The point is you are not supposed to work when your body demands rest and you are only 14 pages into the 100 pager document and need to finish it and 5 others to be able to hit bed tonight! Sigh!!! Baba … why was women empowerment always so important to you.  😡 Sigh Ma … why couldn’t you raise us feeding in our ears that girls are not to step out of home 😥  But guess more than you I should sigh Didu (maternal GM) who at 94 made us promise that we were not to get married till had jobs in our kitty 😐

Fluke wishes coming true never really works good – yes that is the unconnected crux of the post 💡 For days I have woken up on Monday and wished I have flu to bunk work. But today morning after 1 day of sick leave I was craving to come back. As a kid too I felt fever would allow me uninterrupted hours of sleep – but then I realize it again today that body pain doesn’t really allow you that. Have any of you wished that the school closes for rainy day only to realize that when your wish came true there were floods and you were stuck up at home without electricity with only mosquitoes for company? I remember me wishing and praying for the big bully sister to get through the college of her choice – her absence would make me the sole owner of the room I thought. And when that actually happened I realized how lonely it was to sleep on that queen sized bed!

Why is it that sometimes when we actually get the stuff we want it bad, we realize that we didn’t really want what it entailed or brought along? Is that what is called short sightedness or is it human just to crib?