“Haan ji .. so will you revert back on my mail? ” ❓ ❓ ❓ – she looks at me expectantly and a pregnant pause follows. 🙄 🙄 🙄

😯 😯 😯 *imagine Ekta Kapoor style one old man who hears his unmarried daughter saying that she is to become the mother of her lover’s child*

“Nahiiiiinnnnnn” I go – to save the baap trouble *he’s old you see and Adam’s apple not all well courtesy the “ciggys he blows* 😎 😆 😎

Anyways let’s chuck that”, she continues and I write what follows in my mind *yes I think I have become akin to Rushdie (apparantly he conceived a few of his masterpieces in his sleep – ahem when Lakshmi made him sleep on the couch that is 😉 😉 )*

*Black and White* *Sepia* *Black and White* – *Imagine watching any reality show and you’ll know what I mean*😯 😯 😯

M would say “Bhavnao ko samjho – shabdon pe mat jao” 🙄 (appreciate the emotions and don’t cling on to words) but how can I? Me who has been the stickler for “original” Shakespeare in school and one of the three students who insisted on reading Plato in the purest form in college (my professor was first estatic on finding me and then he used to run away the moment he spotted me for he says my forehead came with the inscription – “Sir extra classes please” – tghis is what geniuses have to face people!!!! 🙄 ) – wishes today she too was in grave. But then is this damage new – wonder? 😕 😕

My lingo is already gone to the dogs, I shamefully admit and the blog posts often stand witness of the sad punctuation. But what about Anarkali’s? International school in the national habitat means ‘fake accent’, Tamanna’s usage of ‘cool’ makes me flush and concocted verb-noun phrases in conversation makes me wish I really don’t communicate in English – as a courtesy to the Wren *I somehow had this image in school that he was hotter than Martin and had picked up that ravishing red color for the cover* 😳 💡 😳

What inspired this today – aah well I thought “I Hate Luv Storys” was where Bollywood would stop going Filmy with the language – but guess no they are really Baccha (including Shruti Hassan some Bratty creature – I stared at her for over an hour n yet failed to understand what’s the hype all about – u better pay my ophthalmologist fee this season!!!) else why wouldn’t they understand that the caption “Love Grows … Men don’t” makes little sense when it is based on 3 men all above the height of 5’8”?? Or am I over reacting here??? 🙄

Guess it’s all about nipping at the bud stage – why blame when we still sing “Rain is falling chama cham cham” once during every Anatakshari game???? 😥

Guess English toh Baccha hai ji aur mera thoda kaccha hai ji!!!! (Guess English is still a kid and mine still a little raw) 🙄 😥 🙄