I do that because I am Mad!!!” 😆

“Oh say something new!!!” he says 🙄

“Paaah!”, I run off 😡

Guess have been running for a long time now. Running in my mind on the treadmill at the gym, running with life to see where it would lead me. So why wouldn’t Mumbai Marathon interest me?

Mumbai Marathon 2011 – the eight leg of the run which has always enthralled the country. There’s not a single soul here who doesn’t wish to run for Mumbai and there’s not a single cause for which you don’t run for here – so had I heard.

Today I walked and ran to discover the same.

While my friends slept in various parts of the country (and probably even all across Mumbai) I woke up (err didn’t sleep) to a spirit possessed Mumbai where the entire South Mumbai seemed like this huge fair.

We were no less possessed for we walked the tracks during the warm up and then again embraced it as the run broke out.

If I am to say the spirit enthralled me, you would ask me to say something new! But then again am still grasping for words to suit the frenzy mood I saw today.

It wasn’t us 20 some things who impressed me, it were those who were already winner of life’s toughest challenges  who left me speechless and grateful of the little pleasures life bestowed on me.

The agenda was clear – Mumbai and life here. Everything that touches us here was attempted to be bottled in 3 hours of a run. But somewhere ran parallel lives – Mumbai through the 3 hour run also showed that life and work doesn’t stop here for anything – it’s as if there’s a life to be led every moment and multi tasking is the key not pausing.

So while the BMC rag pickers ran to educate us against littering, the newspaper vendors continued their morning frenzy for to them a run wouldn’t feed their family!

The Navy stood guard, the high and the mighty ran braving sprains, a young fella offered water to his newly acquired grandfathers.

A young wandered suddenly saw himself being lifted up to the pedestal of a winner – he was indeed – the new trend-setter of the Half Marathon.

A record was broken to be re-set yet again. I was awaken yet again to fall out of love with my life and fall in love with the life this city bestows to me.

The end was indeed dreamy .. but a tinge of nightmare followed when you realise that to win you would tread the path against ethics. When did the urge for fame and money surpass passion you wonder.



But still in the end somewhere we all stood to say just one thing….



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