I am a stickler for traditions … that’s a part of the me where GM resides :). As she has taken to bed and Ma is away I decided to keep the family tradition going of making sweets on Sankrant and so started the morning at 6 …. 😀 (yes that’s the gharelu mee my dear never-to-be-MIL 😳 )

The sleepy eyed me started off by goofing up the gulab jamun batter and M came into rescue. Damage control has never been so stressful 😛 . As the stuff boiled and seasoned we waited with fingers crossed. 😕


In the end the Gulab Jamnuns smiled happily as they sauna’d and jacuzzi’d in the sugar syrup …. though Baba looked at them over Skype and nodded that they should have been more drowned in sugar 🙄  …. How do u know everything My Hero I wonder at times 😉 😉

The kheer was more than perfect – something GM would have been proud of. I loved the smell as it boiled and was quite pleased with my efforts overall. It was like school days art n craft project completed to perfection! Lolz!!! 😆

Happy Sankrant/ Pongal/ Lohri/ Bihu Guys …. How were the festivities at your end?

N what’s your prayer – mine is for the bread basket of the world to over flow for each one of us!