And thus teaches life ….

Back in college (seems soooooo far away a time now! 😥 ) after a tough week or even before a tougher one begins, we used to have a proper cribbing session. A room used to be designated, a few sulky faces used to just sit staring at the stupid green/gray floor with ‘Tetley Masala Chai’ in hand and waiting for a few passer-by to ‘just’ ask what’s wrong! I mind you NO probing required whatso ever 🙄 – just a mere ‘what happened’. Then there was no looking back. Pandora’s trunk was opened and people poured and soon we forgot what was the main agenda of discussion and ended up bitching about just about anything under the sun. It was followed by movies or even better back to back F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode and if the same was found too repetitive we logged into some free tv streaming sites to watch old episodes of Zee Horror show or Aaahat and have our fill of laughter. :mrgreen: … Sighhhh *back gound music – jaane kahan kho gaye wo din…*

 I also have a cribbing group at work – it mainly comprises of my college mate who was omni present during the above episodes and hence is aware of its significance and M, who surprisingly is connected with me through this invisible wire across the bum and hence no need to reiterate that she too has these urges!!!! *back ground music – Hum saath saath hain…*

 I had my morning crib session today – coz it was a horrendously messy start to the week (let’s not even get to there) and we all ended up hugging each other via mails (though me and M we sit precisely 7 steps apart!) *back ground music – Bum chiki bum, chiki bum bum bum…*

 But still today I wanna crib and it’s none of the above two groups I am missing (or rather group 2 has been contacted but didn’t provide much help for everyone was cribby!). Strange but true but somewhere I checked the Gtalk list twice to check if DI was there – I want to get transported back to the Hyderabad café (going up and down to find an invisible food court!) and just jabber – for I feel there are a lot of things I don’t have to explain to her and also that there’s no better Monday cribber around! 😛 *background music – Tera saath hai kitna pyaara..*

 I miss Nu too – and her constant uffs and aahs as I sigh over chat and she maaro’s sasta PJs and feels that I am perpetually ignoring her. While the truth is that I dread her chats for the yummy menus she throws at me just before leaving and I end up hogging more! But even that seems musical now that she’s not there to bug me! *background music – main toh raste se jaa raha tha, main toh behl puri kha raha tha…*

 I miss calls with Uma (not that I can’t call her now – just that the stupid clients find my voice damn charming 😳 .. if only they could see my face! 😡 .. thank God there’s no 3G in office phones! :roll:)  – there’s something in her voice that makes me rattle and rattle and I love the ‘gyaan’ she gives me. I miss the way she pampers me whenever I miss snippets of my pseudo Tam life! 😛 … Peanut Butter cookies are yummm Uma btw .. just telling you 😳 … *background music – Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…*

I miss those trail mails which Swaram initiated .. where BB screamed back at me as I grumbled about battery life that “Woman no body types like the way you do – Crazy friend jabber u have their going on, Stop blaming me!!!” 😥 *background usic – Babuji zara dheere chalo…*

 Yesterday as I browsed through Deep’s pics, suddenly Namnam’s background voice so prominent on the call that day loomed in large I wished that I could meet her and squish her! Somewhere she also made me miss the North India chill – the doodh jalebi, the gujia, the laddus and bloody everything of the Marwar life I so loved love! *back ground music – koi lauta de mere beete huye din…*

 I miss my share of choking laughter with Brat and Vimmuu on call where we forget the main agenda and end up talking all gibberish till our voices give away. It’s mainly Vimmuuu needing legal advice and Brat needing psychological counseling! Now you know why I am over-stressed 🙄 – nobody gives me any respite 😥 !!! *back ground music – zindage kaisi hai paheli hai….*

 I miss bugging Sakshi and allowing her to take my trip and just remaining quiet – for when she speaks u can cook, clean, iron and also eat a meal and still you’ll find that she’s not out of stories to share!  And yes now the latest Tan factor in our discussions about Brat add to the spice of never-ending giggles! (Gee Tan you don’t know what you missing on FB!! 😳 )  😛 I miss discussing my ever smart already-booked-son-in-law too! 🙂 😉 *back ground music – Yeh dosti hum nahin ….*

 I miss Pepper too, esp.  after meeting her yesterday – she’s innocence re-defined and a little girl who’s suddenly grown up without realizing when time went off. Somewhere to see her and Mint take each other’s case I got transported back to the college canteen days! *back ground music – bholi si surat, aankho mein masti…*

 Strange is the craving but right now I imagine P’s room in the hostel (our favorite hide out) cups of ‘Masala Chai’ and bowls of  licked clean Maggi but just that the set of people are different! *background music – puraani jeans aur guitar*

 In case you are wondering what I wanna crib about – I broke my favorite pair of sandals today morning (doesn’t matter that they were living an extended life!), we are maid less for what seems ages now and despite 5 recruitment on 5 consecutive days none turn up! Each night we go to sleep thinking that the bell will ring at 7, instead we wake up at 8 to reality which is a dirty pile of dishes. My laundry man has disappeared with my set of ‘important clothes’ which also includes my comfort bed spread – the one that soothes me to sleep on bad days (yes I have such crazy stuff!), Big Boss is over and Ratan ka Rishta is not appearing to be entertaining enough (I’m terribly depressed over this and thinking of writing Veena Mallick a I miss you letter!). I need to lose weight and nothing seems to be working and the sight of GYM makes me reach for my bed! Work life is tough with ‘fires’ ranging all around and am also expecting set backs. My parents have ‘yet again’ extended their already never ending vacation and thereby proving that no longer am I the youngest pampered Brat! Owing to change of homes (I love the new one – only if we had a maid!) my finances have hit size zero and so retail – therapy is beyond question! My cousins are having a gala time in Hyderabad next weekend and I cannot make it – Arrrgghhh! This is the Jab We Met week (yes the movie was released this week and still is running strong! 😐 )  and I just wish I could sleep through it! 😥 *background music – aaye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan..*

 I wish I could plunge into a pillow and just crib crib and crib till life appears and says BAS!

 I just BB’d Tamanna that – “I think I’ll grow old to be a cranky old lady whose house the kids will pelt with pebbles and she’ll come shooing them with a stick!” 😯 🙄 😯

 She replied “… I’m as cranky as the next person … I hate Mondays!” :mrgreen: *background music – yeh kahan aa gaye hum…*

 I am telling you it’s not me … it’s the airrrrrrrrr …. Give me someone to strangle … pleaseeeeeeee!!!!! 😈 … I really need a release! 😥

Ok Ok … I know enough cribbing .. so here’s an ‘orginal’ top grade joke to brighten your day 😛 😛 (I don’t care about mine anymore – philanthropy is my middle name! 😎 )

*background music – ke Raju ban gaya Gentleman…*

Why did Vimmuuu join Facebook? 😕 😕

… Because he promised his wife that there’ll be some book where his kids will see his name being featured in print!  :mrgreen:

Ok another one …

Why was Vimmuuu disappointed on joining Facebook? 😉 😉

because he got no orders for ‘booking’ his face after joining the site!! :mrgreen:

As I giggle away to glory – I think now I know why life has changed and thus my cribbing group n audience too! 😉 😉

 *background music – jeevan ke din chote sahin hum bhi bade dilwaale* :mrgreen: