My last post made me realise a lot of things – firstly that you guys love me wayyyyy too much to be rude about my whining and that yes “acceptance is the key” – so I need to accept the mess and pick up the broom to clean it. Hmmmmm done .. I selected the broom today (No, ex – law schoolites it’s not PINK in color!) and tomorrow shall be a long drawn brush (I am writing in to the centre head to request for a personal appointment along with the counsellor – shall take it from there. One step at a time!)

So what do you do when you wrap up a pending assignment or home issue – you feel like putting up your feet and watching a nice movie right? – a chick flick, mindless sort of a movie that leaves you either in splits or in mush! What does DQ DW do – nothing she just watches her own life – trust me there’s no bigger soap opera in this part of the world! Ok DI stop going 🙄

When I had landed in Mumbai (that sounds straight out of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai!!!!) I had two major pre-requisites 1. There has to be a library near my house 2. There has to be a dance class which I love attending. Both fulfilled me was leading a happy life – till one day my dance instructor class really happened to me!

Ok so here starts the movie drama – DQ, M (dragged along literally) in a dance class lead by A (guy) and D (girl) and zillion others who don’t matter (baaah extras who are paid 50 bucks for each time they show up!). We dance – with D and with the “extras” but rarely with A (I don’t pay much attention to him though M finds him cute! I warn her yet again about cute guys!).

 One day suddenly on the “dance class” day the sun was extra bright and the flowers kissed each other (like in Rajesh Khanna movies) and birds chirped and Julie sang – “Young birds are mating then why am I waiting” (errrr … Ok I forgot the first line! Big deal u guys got the song right?) A decided to lead our class and there I danced danced and danced till he asked me to leave his hand and I discovered that the music had long stopped! What started with a mere appreciation led to my first blush (errr ok fine .. I am a girl!) and stupidly plastered smile.

Yes I was crushed. Each class and I would pray to get paired up with him – practise moves and loved it when he pointed out my errors (he was NOTICING ME people – to heck if I was dancing lousy !!!) And then Dirty Dancing did NOT happen! The twist came – A & D spotted me at Shivaji Park and while they teased me about seeing me with “someone” it hit me that they might be a couple!

So after gulping down shots of “orange juice” I decided to let things be and give up my crush (Ohhhh please crush and lust too have a turn around period OK?) That was till the time the classes resumed again today and when A messaged me reminding me of the class it did not matter that the same was sent to all the “extras” to me it was a personal message!

A took the class today … even D was surprised that he agreed to lead us 😳 … M was taken in for the first lead session as I watched (by the pillar sighing) – guess the sighing was so loud that for all the next leads he took me (No M it was not because he got it that you are guilty! 😛 ) and I was this ‘bateesi’ girl. All this while D watched .. didn’t watch did not matter – all that mattered was A wanted me to look at him when we danced (to improve eye contact – hell but he did right???) and when he told others that in the “lead” it was only we who would know the next step – I did not read it too much into the lines M!!!! 🙄

I was discreet I mean he just made me forget my moves (on the FLOOR guys!) and nothing else! So during the final dance as he spun beyond my capacity and I searched for his hand frantically he sttod there with his arms hands extended to catch me ! When I finally grasped him he burst out into laughter and told me that he was right there where he should be and that I should not grasp him but merely flow into his arms palms! Aaah well siggghhhh if only D wasn’t at Shivaji Park with you A!

And then it happened all of a sudden D screams from across the room – “DW I saw that”! As the room turns to me I go like “WHAT did you see!” (trust me I haven’t even been so defensive ever!). I think she got scared and said – the way you messed up with the hands ! Phewwww … OK! I smiled – yes I messed up I said (Ya right! The heart flipped).

I was skipping on the pavement coz I won the class contest A had planned (it was called the CHASE 🙄 ) and yes instead of a dairy milk he is now to give me “Bourneville” for I “earned” it! 😉 😉 I handed over a note to the bus conductor with my bateesi out and forgot to tell him the stop. It was only when M laughed her guts out at the bus conductor too smiling at me with raised eyebrows that I fumbled out the name of my stop. Rest of the way I giggled like a girl … suddenly discovered my love for Jagjit Singh’s “hoshwalon ko khabar kya”… skipped again on the pavement with M screaming behind to the bystanders that she doesn’t know me.. mushed up the neighbourhood Kitty. And aaah well decided to be lady James Bond on the mission to know if D is dating A!


Not that am gonna date A … just for general knowledge you see – it might be asked in the next CAT exam! :mrgreen:


And you guys actually thought this was all about the movie review Mumbai Salsa!!!! Grow up guys … the real Salsa action in Mumbai lies somewhere else! 😉 😉


P.S: This one is for you M – for my attempt at not to feel guilty each time I am happy!

P.P.S: Before I posted thanks M for discovering that A and D are doing birds and bees … I again need to go back to hearing Umrao Jaan tonight! 😥

 I need my socks and hot water bag again tonight! 😦 … wait a second what if they are just “good friends” … baah I kill whoever cites Shahid Kapoor and Priyanaka Chopra on that comment of mine! 👿