Life. First smile. First word. First step. Every first to every last. School debacles. School achievements. Gold. Silver. Bronze. Red marks on report card. Failure. Cuts. Bruises. Tears. Strength. Secure sleep. Favorite food. Battle over milk cups. Cricket. Hop scotch. Peek a boo. Scrabble. Antakshari. Dance classes. Hair braiding. Black nail polish. Junk jewellery. Roadside puchka. Healthy food. Pseudo anger. Lies. Anger. Confessions. Proud moments. Ethical dilemma. Sibling Rivalry. Career choices. Feminism v. tom boyishness. First salwaar kameez. Sewing up of faded jeans. Baby talk. PJs.Love. Secret love letters found in bag. Heart break. Silent understandings. Deviant hair colors. Police station visits. Scribbling down stories. Discussing hot men. Gtalk pings. Marriage syndrome. Baby cravings. Squishing without reason. Give up smoke days. Here have a drink nights.Debating over news piece. Movie date. Coffee callings. Midnight snacks. Ever ready arms for a night that refuses to pass. Pouring of hearts over ‘adult talks’. Condom discussions. “I am mom moments”. “You are my mom moments”. ‘their daughter never does it’ moments. ‘my daughter will never do it’ pride. Shopping. Portfolio manager.Acceptance. Liberty. Freedom. Power to think. Individuality. Balance.

 Is there any aspect of life where you haven’t touched me Ma? Lolz! Stupid me how can that be? For I am nothing but a part of you – connected by that little cord you snapped on the birth table and used the cords of your heart to tie another life long connection – Wii Fii connection (as Brat puts it aptly!)

 Every breath I take – there’s a little you Ma. Happy Birthday.