Wasn’t really excited about Christmas for obvious reasons and family being away (yes both are mutually exclusive 🙄 !!!) Woke up deciding to disbelieve Santa and also to skip the turkey lunch (no bearing to the fact that my fav lunch place quoted 4k for the Christmas Brunch!! 🙄 – MIND IT!!!!). But then curiosity made me peep under the tree and what I saw there made me melt. Yet again Santa amazed me – he left me the perfect gift this year under the tree. 😛

Though I wanted something else way too badly (*sigh* guess life-size sacks cannot even be made to order in North pole :cry:) – this gift’s craving had surpassed all fascinations!!! 😛

My Christmas gift was wrapped in red and left under a BIGGGGG tree – it comes with a magical smile and hypnotic eyes too!!! 😛

Merry Christmas Folks – hope you got loads of gifts under the tree!!! 😛