I stood on your soil to search a similar you,
I scanned faces, but they all seemed new!
A bit of your smile, a wisp of your fragrance,
Were there no bearers of your reminiscence?
Wasn’t this the land where you belonged?

I stood on your soil to search a similar you,
To discover you in others was a passion new.
All of a sudden they called me out,
A tag of a known city preceded the name-shout!
The man near me said that his sense wasn’t wrong,
So silently I nodded my head when they asked me if Mumbai was where I belong.

But then again do we actually know where we belong and which is truly our soil – is it where we are born, or where we grow up, or where our ancestors discovered our native tongue or where we actually stand tall and undergo self discovery?

A foster land becoming more dear – an adopted child resembling nothing of the birth mother – A confused Bengali, bred in Bihar who learnt to think in Marwar was just tagged a typical “Mumbaikar”.  Does that make me a nomad or do I still have a land where I belong?

An outlander’s outlandish this.


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