Dear Santa,

 I hope I am just in time and you haven’t really made up your gift-recipient list. I know you must have got the letter from Calvin like each year – but this is my first and you better MIND IT! (and not a 40 pager one –  MIND IT too!! – btw do u watch Rajnikanth too? – just curious about his reindeer and polar bear fan following u see!!!).


Every year I guided Calvin to write the perfect letter…


  But after the last year fiasco, aah well I wouldn’t say I’m hurt for I like all hugs and all, but just that I wanted Christmas to be a bit special for me this year (read in material sense of the world please! 🙄 )


  Cummon don’t cringe your nose, I mean if not for me, do you think he’s ever be what he is today? Okay Okay I am not bragging here, but still. I mean Dude, be nice for once. And it’s not that I want LOADS of things, I fact I am listing out 10 and you could just pick 5 you see. Yes, Bless me for I am a noble kiddy Tiger.

 Now siree, in case you are done blessing me and calling out the reindeers and elves to show that kids like me do exist, would you please care to read my list?

  1.  Lifetime supply of Starbucks freshly ground coffee (80% coffee + 20% chicory mix), M&M(s), (yoghurt base) Hagen Dass,  fresh morning bunch of white lilies and pink roses, Blue berry muffins  and errr Davidoff’s too. (Can you throw in some unreleased F.R.I.E.N.D.S eposides too???? – pretty please *batters his whiskers*)
  2.  A DLR with Carl Zeis extensions (don’t ask me which extensions – JUST GET ALL OF THEM WILL YA!)
  3. A transmogrifier (yes for real please – I mean you think the stuff characters demand in cartoons they are not serious???)
  4. A year where NO ONE shall bug me about my marriage or stuff stupid proposals my way.
  5. The power to call upon a genie to fulfill a million wishes next year (on an as and when required basis you see)
  6.  Wish 1 + Wish 2 + Wish 3 + Wish 4 + Wish 5
  7. Wish 2 + Wish 4 + Wish 1 + Wish 5 + Wish 3
  8. Wish 3 + Wish 5 + Wish 2 + Wish 4 + Wish 1
  9. Wish 5 + Wish 1 + Wish 3 + Wish 2 + Wish 4
  10. Wish 4 + Wish 3 + Wish 5 + Wish 1 + Wish 2

 Not much right? Ok Hope to see you soon then. Btw, Calvin wants to put a glass of milk for ya – but I’d go with his Dad! (Told ya I’m the nicest kid in the block! :mrgreen:)


  P.S: Just to rub it in again – as you can see above Calvin wasn’t really a good boy (for years he kept me deprived of gifts and fooled the emotional me with hugs – like typical men of today! ) so maybe we can devise a plan over here to get back for all those things he didn’t share with me.

 Like usual I’ll do this plan with him …



And then just as he goes below the chimney to spot you –  you can do this


 Innocently Yours,






 P.P.S: – Maybe you can leave just a candy (and nothing else MIND IT!) for Calvin this year. After all he convinced me to believe in you! Yes, that’s again the angelic kid in me speaking – Should I revise the list and adda few more things? Do let me know? :mrgreen: