Winters have always enthralled me. The chill in the air engulfs me in a way I engulf life – through screams of both bliss and irritation! Aah well Mumbai winters are nothing to boast of, especially after you have stormed the North Indian winters for more than a decade and yes of course the UK winters too sometime in the past.

But still I love winters here – for that is when the city looks absolutely blissful throughout the day. Last week I remember I took so many coffee breaks at work and spent hours at the terrace just sky gazing (and of course occasionally sighing as I spotted Mukesh travelling to and fro for work in his private chopper 🙄 )that a few of my colleagues actually left small post its on my PC that had our signature message “Smile”. How do I make those people understand that winters make me damn mushy errr vulnerable. And wintry days in Mumbai make me wish that the day stops and I just stand and stare. 😳

Another thing that enthralls me is the way the sea appears quiet on wintry nights – as if it too is freezing in the chill pulls in all waves near to get some warmth. Some heights of imagination here (!!!!!!!!!!!) but trust me I thought the same thing today as I stood by the sea at night and wished it good-bye. I even thought of offering it my Pashmina but then again a besotted couple and a few other strangers made me hold my choking emotions back!

Another thing about wintry Mumbai is the bliss of ice –cream at night. I am usually not a BIG ice cream fan. In fact I am very orthodox when it comes to ice-cream – for me there exist only 3 flavors vanilla, strawberry yoghurt and blue berry cheese cake. Correction DW! I tell myself here. For these were the flavours when I hadn’t spotted Naturals in Mumbai.

Naturals – Mumbai’s favourite ice cream destination since 1984. 

The tag line reads – Ice Cream from the Juhu Scheme. And yes be rest assured in case you are travelling in an out bound domestic flight from Mumbai, on arrival to your destination port keep an eye on the luggage belt – I can bet my ‘ice cream’ that you’ll find a Natural ice cream ‘thermal pack’ there! :mrgreen:

Established in 1984 in Mumbai, Natural ice cream stands out for their ability to make artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar. the best part is the tiny bits of fresh fruits that you nibble on with each scoop that makes you wonder each time how do they manage to keep it so fresh without usage of any preservatives or stabilizers. To be truthful I didn’t like Natural ice cream at first, but then again standing in a group resisting it alone made me raise so many eye brows that recently I gave in. You bet I am glad I did that! For I discovered coconut, jack fruit and chickoo in the most innovative form ever.

Eat it slow, savor the aroma – let the counter guy smile at you. Step out slowly with your cup, go sit by the sea, you’ll hear the sea too create a noise even on the wintry night. Happy that you yet again discovered a true blue Mumbai thing just as the clock announced the arrival of Mumbai Mondays.

 This is the outlet near the sea face beside my house (yes I am flaunting off that I live by the sea – Koi Shakh! 😉 )


* I referred to Ice cream screams – what did all ya people think! 😯 – Gosh pervert minds! 🙄 😳 🙄


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