And so we land here – albeit Shiela is losing (Vimmuuu please note its Shiela and not Sheela!!!) but then the situation that really bothers us is not really that! It’s many of us breaking our cell phones or abandoning our inboxes courtesy Rajnikanth forwards from the Gujrati born Tamizh possessed man that is the cause of concern today! So when Rajnikanth himself approached me to file a PIL before the Supreme Court for him, I sought just one day – the Sunday (you see he doesn’t know that courts don’t work on Sundays – for Rajnikanth the world works when he wakes – u get it!!!! – yea that 1345623 numbered joke Hitchy sent ya?) to serve a legal notice. Here it is in the most innovative form:

 So what does the ghee dipped “dhokla” tell Hitchy in his dream???

I know u want it but you’re never gonna get it tere hath kabhi na aani
maane na maane koi duniya ye saari mere ishq ki hai deewani 

What do you think Hitchy’s pot-belly would tell the world when they scorn at it?

ab dil karta hai huale haule se main khud ko gale lagaun
kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya main to khud se pyaar jataun..

What does each dessert scream out to Hitchy?

haye re aise tarse humko ho gaye sau arse re

sookhe dil pe megha banke teri nazariya barse re..
What did Hitchy tell Hetal when he asked her out?

 Dhokla khakra khandva poori I need a woman who can give me all that
soy milk, yog hurt, low carb, no, no, I don’t like her like that

After “Shaara seher mujhe Loin ke naam se jaanta hai” what is the next famous dialogue in India?

my name is Hitchy, pehne huye phantom ki chaddi
I’m too sexy for u, mainu pata hai tera dil hai dardi
no no no no Hitchy, Hitchy ki Jawani
I’m too sexy for u, main tere hath na aani..

 Happy B’day Hitchy – may the land of Gujarat never be bereft of dhoklas, khandvas and meethi daal. And err Rajnikanth jokes (btw my number is being tracked for my links with Radia – will that act as a detriment now for the forwards? 😛 )

 So here’s the cake for you and yes of course needless to say the purple font color is an ode to your DP and your preferred chaddi color and as for the song I leave it for your own words!!!!